You often ask: what helps against heartburn? Then find out here!

With applications for heartburn

Many people are affected in the course of their lives from heartburn occasionally or in the long run. The reasons for the occurrence of heartburn, which is mostly caused by a reflux of stomach acid, are doing more varied nature.

Heartburn can, for example as a side effect of drug revenues occur, but also by external factors such as tight clothing or stressful situations or one strong stress everyday caused or worse. A disturbance of sphincter function of the esophagus, allowing stomach acid to flow back and it comes to an unpleasant burning pain or acid reflux usually underlies the heartburn. Sufferers are often smokers, people who take increasingly strong oily food, elderly people and pregnant women, because by the aforementioned factors or circumstances the closing ability of the muscle can be impaired or reduced.

Patients who suffer for longer periods and more on Sodbrenn symptoms, is often also an inflammatory disease of the esophagus that so-called reflux disease, diagnosed – abbreviated as GERD, too known, an acronym that derives from the English term of Gastresophageal reflux disease. Taking a so-called Protonenpumpenhemmers such as omeprazole is suitable for the treatment and alleviation of discomfort involved. Omeprazolhaltige preparations such as antra not only sustainable remedy for heartburn, but also characterized a good compatibility. Antra is available and suitable for self-medication by heartburn-related problems in an application window of up to 14 days at a dose of 20 mg without a prescription at any Internet pharmacy.

No noticeable improvement arises after two-week income, however, the existence of other serious illnesses such as liver damage or stomach / intestinal ulcers is known, or if there are more serious signs of a more serious condition, a doctor should be consulted in any case. Possible signals for complications such as damage to mucous membranes are for example a black Chair color, vomiting of blood, difficulty swallowing, or unexplained, sudden weight loss. In any case require these symptoms of a medical investigation.

Home remedies for heartburn

    • Eat a spoon mustard
    • Teaspoon dissolve baking soda a half in a glass of water and drink
    • Drink some milk and a slice of white bread
    • Before eating clay from a drugstore market mix with water and drink
    • 5 almonds to a pulp, Chew and swallow this
    • Chew raw potato
    • Mix a raw potato juice with Apple juice and drink

(Of course, home remedy for heartburn are not the perfect solution, but they are a) cheaper and b) often faster to prepare. For this reason it offers to not immediately to run to the pharmacy, but only to try to get to grips with the problem with a home remedy. If that doesn’t work, then should be consulted a doctor and found the right medication with him.

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