Heartburn Drugs

Most people are affected in the course of their lives sometimes or in the long run by Pyrosis. There are many reasons for this, but heartburn is caused mostly by the reflux of stomach acid. Taking a Pharmakon, heartburn as a side effect can occur, but are caused by other factors. For example, tight-fitting coat or a stressful job. Cause for the Pyrosis is a disorder or dysfunction of the sphincter of the oesophagus. This flows the stomach acid into the esophagus and makes for an unpleasant burning and acid reflux. Most of the time, pregnant women, older people, smokers and people who feed on very greasy are affected.

Further, the circumstances are very often responsible for heartburn. A person suffering from heartburn over a period of time, then an inflammatory condition of the esophagus can often, to watch. The so-called omeprazole is a well known and effective active ingredient. This is a Proton pump inhibitor. Omeprazole preparations such as antra not only sustainable remedy for heartburn, but also characterized a good compatibility.

Antra is available and suitable for self-medication by heartburn-related problems in an application window of up to two weeks at a dose of 20 mg without a prescription online pharmacies. No noticeable improvement arises after two-week income, however, the existence of other serious illnesses such as liver damage or stomach / intestinal ulcers is known, or if there are more serious signs of a more serious condition, a doctor should be consulted in any case. Possible signals for complications such as damage to mucous membranes are for example a black Chair color, vomiting of blood, difficulty swallowing, or unexplained, sudden weight loss.

Useful home remedy for Pyrosis:

. drink some milk and a slice of white bread
. 5 almonds to a pulp, Chew and swallow this
. mix a raw potato juice with Apple juice and then drink
. before eating clay from a drugstore market mix with water and then drink
. teaspoon dissolve baking soda a half in a glass of water and drink
. Chew raw potato
. eat a spoon mustard

You are a good and low-cost alternative, but it’s like that can home remedies don’t always help and it also cause side effects. It must be what remedy helps, and what resources brings no improvement found also.

A physician should consult in any case and this report of your problems.